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Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipes

Get the durability and reliability you need with ElEPipe reinforced concrete pipe. With an enormous variety of sizes and models, we’re sure to have something to meet the needs of you or your business.Manufactured to AS/NZS 4058:2007 standard


Concrete manhole systems MCG provide structurally durable manhole covers and manhole systems that are built to last. We can build internal bases to your specifications with adjustment rings and lids to reinforce and protect the system. If you need individual components for a manhole system such as ladders, lids or rings, we are happy to supply those as well.

Additional Products - steel & concrete

In addition to manhole systems and components, we also supply a variety of other concrete products for you or your business. This includes cesspits, hydrants, well lines, gully surrounds and grates as well as wheel stops. Click here to search products or resources

Covering your concrete needs

We help businesses get the quality products that they need to succeed. Our expert team has the experience and skill to supply you with products that meet or exceed your expectations. Don’t waste time going to multiple sources for different products, we carry them all.
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